"The Return of Free Water"

A Burning Man Art Grant Proposal
February 15, 2007

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Do you have an adequate crew to build, install and clean up your project? Please describe your support team as it relates to the creation of the art, playa support and dismantling/cleanup. Describe the roles and skills needed even if you do not have a complete crew at this time.

Ilsa Ananda Door
Creatress of "The Return of Free Water", Lead Artist, Project Coordinator

Ilsa has been to Burning Man for three years running, and credits it as playing a major role in her creative awakening. This is her first art grant proposal and is an exciting chance to give back to the community some of the inspiration she has been gifted with. Ilsa was one of the primary organizers of the (unregistered) Village of Ashe theme camp, an oasis for Asheville, NC burners, many of whom are virgins (it takes a lot of work to get the BRC from Asheville!)

Ilsa is active in the regional Burn event Transformus and is the Team Lead for the Mysteria Department of Mobile Art and the new Division of Mutant Transit. This year is a hallmark year for her team as they transition the entire city into a car-free zone (only public art cars and small vehicles). She has created several art cars, including last year's Psychedelic Hayride (the first Mysteria city bus) and a large collapsible gypsy wagon.

A multi-dimensional multi-media artist, some of Ilsa's hometown accomplishments include:

  • Many performances with local performace troupes including hula hoop, aerial, and dance with Surreal Sirkus and Unifire Theatre
  • Directing, Producing, and starring (as Buffy) in sold-out performances of Buffy the Vampire Slayer: The Musical "Once More With Feeling"
  • Two major housing renovations, including a conversion of a detached garage into a studio apartment
  • Co-Creating a Visionary Arts Collective: Intuitive Arts Multimedia www.ICreateIAm.com
  • Winning First Place for street-wear in the Costume Shoppe's "Transform the Revolution" Costume Contest

Ilsa is also working on writing a novel and comic book, turning her van into an art car, and has lately been turning her sights towards interior design and recycled art. Her fondest hope is help awaken human consciousness through her art. See some of her digital design work in her online design portfolio.

Pan Door (Jim Genaro):
News Reporter; Composer

Pan Door will be responsible for collaborating with the team to form the exact shape that the "factual" and "fictional" news stories will take. In other words, he will be the writer of the story of "The Return of Free Water." PanDoor is a Reporter for local independent newspaper The Asheville Daily Planet; his news articles can be found in a variety of locations online under his legal name Jim Genaro.

Also a musician, PanDoor has produced three albums of electronic music under the musical name LOGOS. He will also be responsible for the task of organizing an ambient soundtrack for the installation, made up of original music donated by other Burners and friends that have been invited to contribute.

A graduating senior in Piano Performance at UNCA, PanDoor is also working on his fourth album "Symbignosis". He is responsible for all manner of local performance art in the Asheville area for the last 10 years; he is co-founder of the Surreal Sirkus, a member of Asheville's first blacklight and fire performance troupe, and co-founder of a Visionary Arts Collective: Intuitive Arts Multimedia www.ICreateIAm.com.

Ilsa Ananda and Pan Door were married at Burning Man on a giant labrynth they built in 2005. Their abundant and loving partnership continues to this day.

Jacob Peacock
Technical Consultant and Mechanic/Electrician

Jacob specializes in electrical components and weather protection. He will be responsible for converting all battery operated lighting to a single source and with ensuring that optimal power needs are communicated, arranged for, and actualized on the Playa. Jacob has much experience with providing power in adverse wilderness conditions, including providing power for three theme camps at last year's Transformus.

Marston Blow
Lighting Effects Coordinator; Rigging Consultant; Flower Artist; Altars

    Marston has been to Burning Man for two years and took to it like a fish to water. A multi-faceted artist, Marston specializes in ceramic sculpture and is one of the only clay artists in the world making ceramic singing bowls using a technique she has perfected over the years. Marston also was a rigger and lighting crew member of the Big Apple Circus and has also worked for Cirque Du Soleil doing lighting. She owns a set of theatrical lights and is delighted to donate them to the project.

    Marston will aid in the creation of the Cola Flowers, including consulting on the rigging safety of the structures. As a priestess of an earth-based spiritual practice, she will also participate in the creation of the altars.

To Be Filled
Video Projections Coordinator

    • Responsible for aiding in the creation and collection of video and still footage for projecting onto the Soda Flowers.
    • Solicit collaborations with video artists around the country/globe, schedule special performances
    • Aid in the selection and procurement of video projectors, slide projectors, etc. and design their placement

Asheville Soda Flower construction crew:

  • Responsible for soda bottle and can procurement and sanitation as well as constructing the soda flowers
  • Still actively recruiting from the extensive local artist and Burner scene.

Playa construction crew:

  • Responsible helping to assemble and disassemble the installation
  • helps with LNT during and after the event
  • helps with cleaning and refilling water dispenser, restarting computer systems if needed, cleaning playa dust off of the art, etc.
  • helps keep an eye on things and repair in the event that things break