"The Return of Free Water"

A Burning Man Art Grant Proposal
February 15, 2007

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Leave No Trace: A well thought out clean-up plan.

"The Return of Free Water" will not be burned, and in fact most of the installation will be kept intact for future showings. Prior to Burning Man, the team hopes to secure a place for it to return to. Our goal is to make sure people continue to be educated and inspired by the piece as long as is necessary.

Sunday evening: Dismantle water distribution systems and pack into trailer

Monday: Dismantle all Cola Flowers, chain link fencing, and load all art into trailer. Walk a basic LNT grid 100' radius from installation.

Tuesday: Return to site of installation for second LNT grid walk. Begin journey home.

At Home:

  • Install "The Return of Free Water" in a public forum or city park, as arranged prior to Burning Man (I will be aiming to install it at the new children's museum "The Health Adventure").
  • Arrange for additional places for the installation to visit - i.e. go on tour!