"The Return of Water"

A Burning Man Art Grant Proposal
February 15, 2007

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Timeline - Creation/Construction, Playa Activity& Clean Up: which reflects your budget e.g., when materials will be purchased, when stages of construction will be completed, etc. Grants are distributed in installments, which will relate to your schedule.

March 1, 2007: Notice is joyously received that "The Return of Free Water" will be a funded Art Grant Recipient for Burning Man 2007

March, 2007:
- Aquisition of materials for the Cola Flowers (mostly recycling) and basic construction of the petals.
- Finalise the team: get all video and lighting artists, musicians (for soundtrack), painters, and Burning Man crew lined up
- Plan fund raiser party (if needed)
- Research and determine vendors and suppliers
- Contact allies (theme camps and art collectives) about technical aid (such as power needs)
- Solicit additional contributors

April, 2007:
- Finishing touches completed for petals of the Cola Flowers; construction of stems begins
- Write out news articles to illustrate story line

- Fund raiser party

May, 2007:
- Complete all Cola Flowers and begin work on the plumbing system (potable water and misters)
- Finalise electrical and lighting design
- Print out all signage and newspaper articles
- Order remainder of materials

June, 2007:
- Assemble Data Flower's computer system; gather all information and make a library that participants can interact with
- Create brochure with soda industry enviromental and health information; order prints
- Work on "finishing visual touches" such as mirror, sign aging, altars, etc.

July, 2007:
- Test Run at Transformus. Work out bugs and make sure all is in order.

August 15, 2007: Pack installation into trailer

Aug. 17: Leave Asheville and travel to Reno

Aug. 24: Arrive in Reno and complete last minute aquisitions

Aug. 25: Arrive in BRC and begin setup

Aug. 27: Basic setup complete; begin work on plumbing and lighting/electrical

Aug. 29: All water, electrical, data, and lighting systems are completed and operational

Aug. 29-Sept. 3: WOW!

Sept 3: Begin breakdown according to the LNT plan

Post-Burning Man: Display installation in public venues and events