There are currently no active grant proposals submitted. If you have a lead on a grant that might be appropriate for the Return of Free Water project, please e-mail with the details.

Most recently, we submitted our second grant proposal to the Burning Man Arts Festival. Sadly, we did not get the grant. I am attaching previous grant proposals here, because they help to explain some of the details of the project. A comparison of the older proposals to the newer is an interesting picture of the evolution of the project. We are always looking for feedback about how to improve our presentation, so if you would like to review and give feedback, please feel free!

2010 Burning Man Art Grant Proposal
not granted
For the completion of The Oasis phase of the project, a series of tree sculptures, made from recycled materials relating to water. Each 'tree' houses a different component to a filtration system, with the goal of transforming gray water into clean water you can drink. The sculptures are all lit by LED and EL-wire lighting.

2009 Transformus Art Grant Proposal
For the UV Tree (Plastarborea Fluoroluminescens), one sculpture in The Oasis series. The proposal received a grant to cover the materials for the UV LED lighting system and the lycra which covered the trunk and branches of the tree. The tree was completed as a live sculptural event during the Transformus Art Festival in July of 2009, and is currently on display at The Garage at Biltmore.

2007 Burning Man Art Grant Proposal
not granted
This web-based proposal was the first grant proposal of the Return of Free Water project. Though the vision of the project has been refined, this proposal still gives a good high level view of the overarching plan of the full installation.