The Return of Free Water Project is an interactive, collaborative multimedia installation exploring issues surrounding the commodification of our world's water supply. The intention of the PoFW Project is to help people realize that they have the power to make a difference in our world’s water crisis by transforming their own relationship with water. The project has multiple phases, the first of which is THE OASIS.

The Oasis is a grove of trees, made from soda and water bottles, and other detritus from the water industry (PVC, etc.), lit up and linked together to transform gray water into pure, clean water that you can drink.
Visit The Oasis page
for more information, photos, and concept drawings.

Fundraiser for The Oasis!
April 24th 2010, 7pm
The Garage at Biltmore

We hope that you will join us for an educational reception hosted by Ilsa Ananda Door of Creatrix Laboratories. Following the reception you may mingle and dance the night away to fine local artists for the ear, eye and heart!

This fundraiser is a collaboration of Creatrix Laboratories and the Return of Free Water Project, Touch Samadhi, and The Garage at Biltmore.

Currently the first tree of this forest, seen in the photograph to the right, is currently installed and on display at The Garage at Biltmore. Please come visit when you can.

7p - Reception and overview of The Return Of Free Water
8p - 5am(ish) - Music with:
LOGOS (live)
Annuaki (live)
Zennsie - TOUCH Samadhi
PoiZen - AVLFMG / TOUCH Samadhi

Visuals by Creatrix Laboratories & Awe Lucid

$10 entry 21+ to drink

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Plastarborea Fluoroluminescens
aka "UV light tree"
UV light is used to kill harmful microbes found in water, making it safe to drink. Upon completion, this tree will house the UV water filter in The Oasis.

Nov. 2008 - July 2009. Concept and design by Creatrix.
Built with much gratitude by many volunteers and collaborators at various festivals, parties, and galleries, under the supervision of Creatrix. Materials are: plastic soda and water bottles, UV LEDs, discarded CAT-5 cable, pipe cleaners, 300' of reclaimed PVC well pipe, reclaimed irrigation tubing, metal structural core, lycra, and acrylic paint.
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More About the Return of Free Water Project

Picture a well: once the source of water for an entire community, the well has been bought by a corporate bottled beverage manufacturer, which has erected an eight-foot tall fence around it…
… but …
… the community has stood up and reclaimed the well. The fence has a hole in it and is covered in graffiti, newspaper clippings, and photographs telling the story of the people’s struggle against privatized water.
Around the fence stands the Oasis: a dozen 15-foot flowers and trees constructed from used water and soda bottles, a shrine to the successes of those communities who succeeded in reclaiming their water — and a memorial to those who died trying.
Each flower and tree will have a purpose, a message, and a unique gift. One tree will supply water to anyone who is thirsty. One flower will provide cooling mists. One will be covered in white fabric and will serve as a projection screen.
One will incorporate fiber-optic lights, providing a beautiful spectral display.

All of them will emit musical tones.
This is our vision and WE INVITE YOU TO PARTICIPATE!
Come, play with us. Help assemble a tree or a flower at one of the upcoming festivals and public gatherings to which we plan on bringing the Free Water Project. Or, join our effort in whatever way which is meaningful to you - we are in open dialogue with numerous artists, scientists, grant-writers, activists, environmentalists, and more - contact us with your ideas!

Eventually, the complete installation will be displayed at Burning Man, the world’s largest participatory art gathering, as well as touring throughout the United States, Canada, and Latin America (where countless communities are struggling on the front lines of the world’s water conflicts).
We also invite you to give feedback about the project. Speak to one of the Return of Free Water team members and let us record your comments and feelings about the installation and about the significance of water to you.
Your feedback will be shared with others as we travel with The Return of Free Water.